A weekly creative arts adventure for children 5-13 years. VCreate has designed a new twist to your typical stage school, findings new ways to be ‘arty’ and for a child to show off their talent. 
Venue:  West Brigford Baptist Church NG2 7NF Time: 9.30-11.15am Cost:

Each week, your child will participate in two workshops ranging from learning dance moves, art, printmaking, singing, digital and acting. VCreate has teamed up with some incredible teachers and leading county arts organisations to create a fun and welcoming environment. Not only that but families and carers will get the chance to join the fun, as once a term the children will share what they have learnt. (No pressure if a child doesn’t want to perform). For more information, contact us & book a placeInfo@vcreate.co.uk or call, text VCreate on 07970 807063.

Interested in Joining?